Our vision at FMC's ManomaxInfinity is to become a leading provider of cutting-edge marine technology solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability across the maritime industry. We aspire to be the trusted tech partner of choice for our clients, empowering them to navigate the complex challenges of today's maritime landscape with confidence and ease.


Our mission is to deliver innovative, sustainable, and reliable marine technology solutions that meet the dynamic needs of our clients. We achieve this by leveraging our expertise in engineering, design, and operational excellence to develop customized solutions that improve safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

At our core, we are committed to creating sustainable solutions that reduce the environmental impact of the maritime industry. This drives our approach to innovation and development, and we strive to design technology that not only empowers our clients but also protects our planet's natural resources.

manoMAX Infinity is an easy-to-use marine learning platform that provides enhanced version of the real physical world 

FMC's ManomaxInfinity becomes the first platform in the world under the Fathom Marine Consultants Pvt Ltd. UK to launch LNG Bunkering Training In Augumented Reality / Mixed Reality for the Maritime World with Mr. Nipun Chatrath at helm of this Product Development and Ownership. 

•manoMAX is an easy-to-use marine learning platform that provides enhanced version of the real physical world that is achieved using digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli delivered via AR-XR technology.

Advantages of our learning platform

•AR provides unique cognition path through visual, auditory and sensory information.

Mobility and Scalability. 

•Provides real psychological and physical experience to the users.

•Provides real psychological and physical experience to the users.

•Flexible and personalized environment results in increased engagement and retention rate.

•Safe Experiential learning

•High ROI – Immediate boost to employee performance and bottomline.

•Can be used on any AR abled tablet or mobile phone

•Can be learned in a group environment. This inculcates repetitive training.

Training Modules 

LNG Bunkering Foundation Module

•Introduction to LNG

•Hazards of LNG

•Bunkering standards & regulations

•Vessel Equipment

•Hazardous Zones


•During Bunkering

•Post Bunkering

•Connection/ Disconnection

LNG Bunkering Advanced

•Bunkering standards and regulations

•Understanding of system equipment

•Bunkering methods

•Gauging and monitoring

•STS procedures

•Pre & post transfers and purging

•EDS logic & procedures

LNG Elite

•Company & ship specific

The adoption of LNG,CNG And alternate Fuels as marine fuels.

As the move towards LNG fuel rallies pace in the marine industry, it is all important to equip the Crew with right kind of training on handling acossiated systems.

What we do ? We bring training to a level which is a new REAL.

After a view of our Pilot App- The key take aways are 

The adoption of LNG and CNG as a marine fuel will have many direct and indirect benefits to a wide range of stakeholders. The chapter discusses both the nature of the benefits and also provides recommendations as to how they may be realized. The benefits include:

Environmental Benefits

Using LNG to fuel domestic vessels and deep sea ships entering

Canadian waters will reduce the engine exhaust emissions that affect public health and the environment.

Economic Benefits

The marine sector could provide a new market for Canada’s abundant

natural gas resources. In addition, ship operators and their customers could benefit from the reduced fuel prices that may result from the adoption of affordable LNG. The availability of LNG at competitive prices could also provide a competitive advantage for the Great Lakes and East Coast ports, encouraging companies to select these areas as their North American import and export hubs.

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