Your Trusted Partner in Ship Building & Drydock

New Building, Conversion & DryDock Projects

• Project management

• Design consultancy

• Yard selection

• Contract review and negotiation

• Maker selection

• New building supervision

• Re-sale inspections

• Provision of supervisors

• Brokerage
• Dry-docking support

• Retrofit projects

• Conversion projects

• Major repairs management and supervision

• Damage survey

• Plan approval

• Balast Water Treatment System reftrofit

Our Technical Superintendent Consultants are there to protect your interests:

• During sailing as regular maintenance plan

• Before and during dry docks

• In preparation for and during the execution of repairs

• In assisting 3rd party clients in managing and operating vessels

With our thought-through maintenance and service-plans, state-of-the-art measuring devices and the fitting spare and wear parts, we reduce your downtime to a minimum.