Welcome to Fathom Marine Consultant!

Our story began under the mentorship of Captain Sudarshan Chatrath (Ex T.S. Dufferin) and Mr. Rajiv Goel (Ex D.M.E.T.). Since then, we have been committed to providing exceptional services to our clients in the ever-changing marine industry. At FMC, we believe in adapting ourselves to meet our clients' specific needs and requirements, rather than forcing them to fit into preconceived notions.

We strive to anticipate market trends and stay ahead of the curve, always keeping the long-term prospects in mind. By doing so, we eliminate any potential grey areas and pave the way for smooth and successful deals for our clients.

Our team comprises dedicated professionals with decades of experience, who take pride in offering timely, efficient, and professional services. We understand the nuances of the marine industry and work closely with our clients to ensure that their expectations are exceeded.

Choose Fathom Marine Consultant for an unmatched experience in the marine industry.


To be a leading supplier of Innovative, Sustainable and Intelligent solutions.

 Our Strength is in Integrity & Diversity. 

Our Mission

At Fathom Marine Consultants, our mission is to deliver excellence in shipping management services while ensuring that we remain sustainable in every aspect of our business model. To achieve this, we are committed to creating value for our customers and partners, as well as for the local communities in which we operate.

We prioritize the safety and mental wellness of everyone associated with us, including our employees, contractors, and stakeholders. We also place a premium on maintaining a healthy environment across all our offices, promoting sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

In addition, we take the security of our assets seriously, implementing measures to safeguard them against potential threats. We are committed to socially and environmentally responsible initiatives that promote the greater good, and we adhere to the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in all our operations.

Our mission at Fathom Marine Consultants is to become a leader in our industry by delivering exceptional value to our clients while remaining committed to sustainability, safety, and responsibility in everything we do.

Our Core Values